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Ordination - Year 2 update

Hi everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on how I have gone this year with progressing through the ordination process. In the Baptist Union of Victoria, ordination celebrates the recognition that a pastoral leader is called by God, gifted, and prepared to be recognised as a spiritual leader in church and society.

My journey has included a year of discernment in 2020, while 2021, (last year's update), was my first year formally in the program. I have recently found out that I have successfully completed Year 2 and will be advancing on to the third and final year of ordination.

If all things continue as planned, I will be ordained at a special service on 28 October 2023.

Summary of this year’s activity

  • 3-Day intensive looking at character and spiritual formation

  • 3-Day residential intensive focused on communication

  • 4-Day intensive on leadership

  • 2-Day intensive on emotional and cultural intelligence

  • 2 Nourish 1-Day events throughout the year with other Baptist pastors across Victoria

  • Baptist Identity unit, part of my Master in Theological Studies (through Whitley College)

  • Supervised Theological Field Education (Part 1 & 2), which included:

    • A congregational reflection group from members of our congregation

    • 12 meetings with my Baptist Union of Victoria Supervisor

  • An interview with 3 ordained pastors from within the Baptist Union

I would like to thank those who have provided feedback and encouraged me throughout the year, as well as the wider church family. I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who were part of the congregational reflection group. These were; Evelyn, Malele, Mauricio, Fernando, and Liam.

Give Thanks

  • for another exciting and life-giving year on the Ordination pathway

  • for successful approval to continue onto year 3

  • for the network of Pastors I’ve met throughout the year

  • for the development opportunities I’ve been exposed to and grown through

Please Pray

  • for Val and the girls as they continue to support me and afford the time for my study and the various intensives.

  • for my break over the summer from Ordination activities and study commitments - a time of Sabbath

  • for discernment, strength, and wisdom next year as I continue onto the final year of ordination

  • for the remaining 2 units of my Masters in Theological Studies (through Whitley College)

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