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A BIG Thank You

I shared with the congregation this week a summary of the year, in particular, all that the church has done to make our strategy come alive. You can view the 9-minute translated video on YouTube.

The strategy has 3 pillars; spiritual development across all age groups, unity and development of servant hearts, and evangelism to the West Footscray community.

Spiritual development across all age groups

  • We've uplifted our online capability. After starting the year with a phone on a tripod at the front, we now have a fantastic camera and can stream our services seamlessly online.

  • We've invested in our two youth leaders, including their attendance in the Baptist Union of Victoria EMERGE program for young leaders. We've also continued to develop as a leadership team.

  • Our youth group has been meeting throughout the year, with regular engagement with the core group.

  • Our Sunday morning service worship team has grown from 1 and 3 regular singers.

  • Group Esperanza (our seniors) have continued to meet and enjoyed a memorable Chilean and El Salvadorian independence celebration.

  • Sunday School, arguably our key strength, experienced a number of children giving their life to Christ, and

  • We celebrated a baptism

Unity and development of servant's hearts

  • Completed some of the urgent work needed on our facilities, including the roof leak and the new carpet in the multipurpose space

  • We continued to support our missionaries through your generous giving, including relinking with the Diaz family.

  • Continued to serve each other at events and care for one another throughout the year

Evangelism to the West Footscray community

  • Moved to presenting the message in English (while being translated on Zoom)

  • Maintained a warm and welcoming environment and culture

  • Updated our fellowship area

  • Invited friends and family to events and our Sunday morning service

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