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Our ministries are based on our core values



Through our passionate worship team we pray, sing and show God how much we love Him.


We also focus on how our everyday life can be used to glorify His name in everything we do.




When we accept Jesus Christ as our saviour we are committing to becoming like Him. Through study and a supportive environment, we strive to grow deeper in faith.


We focus on our relationship with Him.


God tells us to love one another and through this ministry, we demonstrate our love to each other. Our ministry covers all ages from children to seniors, men and women, couples and singles.


We are loved by God to love him and share our lives with God's family.



In this ministry we explore and apply God's definition of service to one another. 


Service comes in many forms from being part of the Sunday service, to cleaning the common areas of the church. We do this generously and without asking for a reward. We do it to show our obedience to God and to demonstrate our love for people.



God tells us to go out and share the Good News with nonbelievers.


We have an obligation to share this message of hope to all and through new and old ideas we engage with the community and build relationships across Footscray, Melbourne, and the world.


Finance & Administration


This team supports the operational running of the church.


Ensuring all areas of the church have clear policies and procedures covering communication,  finance, employment and risk management. We do this to help the body of Christ better serve in a way that brings glory to God.

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