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The church members, through the church business meeting, are the final authority in deciding matters that affects the life of the church. The Pastor of the church oversees all those within his spiritual care and while being equal in status with all church members he exercises a special role within the church. The Diaconate consists of the Pastor and elected representatives of the church, including Deacons, Church Secretary and Church Treasurer. Every member has a leadership role to play, large or small, across the church and its ministries.


Adam Bamforth

Evelyn Montalvo

Angelica Garcia

Fernando Bachir

Flavia Bachir

Mauricio Montalvo

Valeria Bamforth


Ministry in charge of...

Senior Pastor


Church Secretary

Finance and Admin








Facilities & Service



Pastor Adam

Adam Bamforth was born in London, England, and emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 2002. He completed his BSc at Southampton University and finished his Masters in Theological Studies at Whitley College in 2023. He is an ordained pastor under the Baptist Union of Victoria.

After serving as a Deacon and the Church Secretary for 8 years, he was elected Senior Pastor of Tottenham Baptist Church in December 2019. He continues to work in the finance industry, specialising in product management, process reengineering, and people capability.

He is married to Val, has two children and enjoys most sports, in particular, the English Premier League and his local boyhood team, Arsenal.  

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