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Ordination - Year 1 update

Hi everyone, I just wanted to provide an update on how I have gone this year with progressing through the ordination process. In the Baptist Union of Victoria, ordination celebrates the recognition that a pastoral leader is called by God, gifted, and prepared to be recognised as a spiritual leader in church and society.

In 2020, I completed a year of discernment with a small group formed from our church family. This was to discern God’s calling for me and to review my 'marks of ministry' to identify my opportunities for development. Following acceptance onto the 3-year Ordination program, I have now finished the first year (2021), and I’m pleased to advise you that I have been approved to progress to year 2 (2022).

I know many of you have been praying for me on this journey and I want to let you know that I have felt it through what has been an extremely tough year for many of us and that I have been humbled by people's encouragement.

Summary of this year’s activity

  • 2-Day intensive exploring my call and vocation

  • 3-Day residential intensive focused on identifying my Spiritual & Theological Autobiography

  • 2 Nourish 1-Day events throughout the year with other Baptist pastors across Victoria

  • 2 units contributing to my Masters in Theological Studies (through Whitley College). I have now completed 7 units towards the 12 units required for my Masters. This year I passed;

    • Book of Revelation

    • A Toolbox for Ethical Pastoral Leadership

  • Monthly mentoring and coaching with my supervisor

  • A short reflection on this year's ordination activities

  • References from various aspects of my life and

  • An interview (which I had today) with 2 members of the Baptist Union.

Give Thanks

  • for an exciting and life-giving year on the Ordination pathway

  • for successful approval to continue onto year 2

  • for the network of Pastors I’ve met throughout the year

  • for the development opportunities I’ve been exposed to and grown through

Please Pray

  • for Val and the girls as they continue to support me and afford the time for my study and various intensives.

  • for my break over summer from Ordination activities and study commitments - a time of Sabbath

  • for discernment, strength, and wisdom next year as I continue onto year 2 and another year of study

  • for the Discipleship Ministry of Tottenham

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