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Union with Christ 📖

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Week 7 Small Group (Monday). Focussing on Colossians 3:1-17.

We are raised with Christ in co-resurrection. We have entered into His death and His resurrection. We are alive in Him. With this, we can share in spiritual truths, spiritual realities, His blessings, and discern the will of God in our lives. These are the vast riches of the heavenly kingdom. He has paid the price for us and we are now in a new life with Him. We are united with God, joined with God in eternal security. He will protect us from all enemies.

With one eye on the glory to come when Christ returns and returns in wrath, we are to remember to constantly put to death our old ways. Our anger and rage, our malice. We are to "take off" our slander against people and our filthy tongue. 👅

Instead, we are to progressively become Christ-like. To put on our renewed and regenerated coat. Through our union with Christ, we are able to put on a heart of compassion, one of kindness and humility. We are able to be gentle and meek, to be patient in our suffering. And finally, we are to forgive one another, just as Jesus has forgiven us through His demonstration of grace upon the cross. We are to live consistent with who we are in Christ and shown through the collective fellowship – United as the body of Christ. ➕

Keeping the thinking going...

List four practical ways to set your mind on the things above

Is there something you should stop doing, “take off”, that will positively impact your daily life?

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