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  • Starting with Abraham, (Sarah), Jacob, and Joseph (on the Hall of Faith - Hebrews 11).

  • Israel splitting after King Soloman's reign (after he had built the 1st Temple).

  • Assyrian Empire conquering the Northern Kingdom - Israel (first part of the Exile).

  • Babylonian Empire conquering the Southern Kingdom - Judah, and the destruction of Jeruselum (completion of the Exile).

  • The Persian Empire then allowing the return from Exile - where Nehemiah led the 3rd wave of return. 2nd Temple was built.

  • The period between the Testaments sees the rise and the end of Alexander the Great.

  • Followed, during Jesus's earthly ministry, by Rome ruling (occupying) the area we now call Israel.

  • After Jesus's death and resurrection, Rome crushed a Jewish revolt which saw the 2nd Temple destroyed (70AD).

  • Book of Revelation written between 94-96AD (later date interpretation held by most scholars).

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