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Humility over Pride, His Wisdom over this World 📖

Week 7 Small Group (Wednesday). Focussing on James 3:13 – 4:10

We see here two types of wisdom put forward. A heavenly wisdom and an earthly wisdom. James asks a question of who is skilled at living? Who among us has the skill and the expertise to apply God’s wisdom into our everyday lives? The wisdom that comes from God and applied into our lives leads to a better Christian life. This wisdom is pure and provides peace. It is considerate and sincere, gentle, and full of mercy. It is impartial and does not divide. ❤️

Compare that the wisdom of the world, which is a bitter drink of jealousy and resentfulness. One that leads to self-ambition and selfish behaviour that leads to success at any cost, including stepping on others. This earthly wisdom is limited and frail and is generated by Satan’s forces. It leads to worthless and pointless work. Work that is rooted in jealousy and selfish ambition.

This earthly wisdom leads to divide, quarrels, and fights.🥊 God wants His church to be united, while earthly wisdom, and this world, only wants disorder and people divided. Murder and the hunt for power, prestige, and possessions are the things of the world. When we are adulterous, when we put things before God, when we deprioritise God, we put barriers between us and God. We are unable to access true joy, peace, happiness, purpose, hope, and fulfilment.

When we seek the world’s blessing over God’s, we become an enemy of God. We must obey God with all our heart. We must approach God with a humble heart, not a heart full of pride.

The image I have when I read this is one of Jesus entering the gates of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Not as a victorious warrior on a mighty horse, but a lowly baby donkey 🐴 – on His way to the cross. Humility over pride, bringing glory and honor to God in everything we do.

Keeping the thinking going...

Take a few minutes to quickly humble yourself before God. Ask Him to help you become a peacemaker.

Think of a time when you acted as a friend to this world compared to being obedient to Christ.

Pray for His wisdom and strength. 🙏🏻

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