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Why We Shouldn’t Judge 📖

Week 8 Small Group (Wednesday). Focussing on James 4:11-17

Slander and accusations, careless judgment, and derogatory talk of others are wrong. We know that. We know when we’re the victim of it – it hurts. But the Word of God puts an extra level of focus on it. Why? Because when we judge others, we try to elevate ourselves over them, and when we do it against the law, we try to take the role of God. It is an instinct derived from pride. 🔛🔝

For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us. (Isaiah 33:22)

We are all sinners, and we are to have the right attitude before God. Part of that is to recognise that God is the true authority and the one true judge. He judges those who refuse to repent and reject Jesus but saves those who accept Jesus and repent.

When we try to live our life apart from God, we are disobedient. Verse 13 provides us with an example, that upon initial reading seems commonplace, but where is God in the example? Nowhere! We will go to this or that city, we will spend a year there, we will carry on business, we will make money. Where is God’s will? If we live a life apart from God, can we say that Jesus Christ is the King of our life? We are to obey Christ. He is sovereign. He has a plan for each of us and we are to live in accordance with that will. We are not to be self-sufficient, worship God across all aspects of our life, not just Sundays. God alone knows the future.

While our lives are but a ‘mist’ meaning temporary, they don’t need to be insignificant. With God’s power, strength, and wisdom we can make a positive impact for His Kingdom.👑

Keeping the thinking going...

Thinking of the three groups James presents; 1) don’t know the will of God, 2) know the will of God and do it, 3) know the will of God and ignore it, which group do you fall in this week?

Pray for humility and for God to help you love those around you rather than judge them. 🙏

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