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Pursuing Our Ministries 📖

Week 4 Small Group (Monday). Focussing on Colossians 1:24-29

Paul writes from a Roman prison about how his suffering is the overflow of persecution that hadn't been completed through the rejection, pain, and suffering inflicted upon Jesus at the cross. His joy comes from building up the church and being a servant to the Lord. His ministry is a commission given to him by Jesus. To fulfill his ministry, he uses the gifts he's been given to preach and share the good news of Christ, to establish and teach churches across Europe. The mystery he mentions is the revelation that Jesus was God incarnated, that Israel didn't believe and rejected Him and that through Him Jews and Gentiles have been united as His bride (the church).

"Christ in you, the hope of glory"

Two blessing come because of this truth. 1) You receive the riches of the indwelling of Jesus and 2) the promise of future glory (through Christ), which is eternal life with God. 🏁

As we strenuously stretch and move towards, as we continue to pursue towards becoming Christ-like. As we grow and mature as Christians, as Disciples and followers of Jesus, we are like athletes, running a marathon. Gaining strength from God, so that we can press and progress forward. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏾

Why do we need this strength? We each have been given blessings and gifts to manage from God and for God. This is known as stewardship. We are to manage these valuable and unique to us, resources. Through these, we are to serve in our ministries, just as Paul did. Through these ministries, in all our various walks of life, we are to bring glory and honour to God in all that we do, using all that He has given us.

Keeping the thinking going…

Think of a time when doing something for someone else brought you great joy. Think of how much joy you'll have serving the Lord Jesus Christ

Think how you are serving in ministries; is there more you could be doing to serve God?

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