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Perseverance and Relying on God 📖

Week 2 Small Group (Wednesdays). Focusing on James 1:1-11.

We shared many of the current trails and troubles we’re experiencing in this current environment and it isn’t hard to see how we are all being impacted. James (half-brother of Jesus), speaking to the dispersed group of Christians and reminds them that they are all part of God’s Kingdom through being servants of Jesus Christ, just as we are today.

In V2-4 James shows us that we are to have joy in trials and when facing trails because it’s the testing of our faith that leads to perseverance. And in doing so we become mature and complete in Christ, (1 Peter 1:7).

Wisdom is from God and if we ask for it, wisdom will be provided. Wisdom of what? Fear and an understanding of God. This wisdom enters our heart and protects and guards us. Shows us God, His Kingdom, and how best we are to live in it.

We are not to rely on things of this earth, but rather we are to rely on God. James asks the poor to celebrate their high position in Christ and the rich to praise God for their good fortune. In all things, we are to celebrate the Lord.

Keeping the thinking going...

Please read James 1:13-18

How are temptations different from trails?

We are to find joy and hope through God’s goodness

Please read Leviticus 23:9-11

Firstfruits refers to the best potion of the harvest. Do we prioritise God in our lives? Do we offer Him the best of our worship?

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