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Week 6 Small Group (Wednesday). Focussing on James 3:1-12

Earlier in the year, we saw the impact of fire across NSW and Victoria. 🔥 While the rest of the year has been derailed, the impacts of which won’t be known yet. But we know that the damage from the fires will be seen for years. We read here that the tongue while being such a small part of the body wields much power. A common complaint of Christians is that we’re no different from anyone else. This shouldn’t be the case and it usually comes when we don’t follow the Word of God.

The tongue is difficult to control. Like a small spark for a fire, can lead to much harm and destruction and terrible damage. Causing scars that can last for years or that may never be fixed. When we use words carelessly or in anger, relationships can be broken. 💔

Through the Holy Spirit, we have the power to monitor and control our words and to refresh and heal when we’re on the receiving end of sour words. James points out that we are to be changed from the inside out with the power of the Spirit. When we use words to praise God and to damage relationships, we are hypocrites. We should praise God with our new heart and through our faith demonstrate our love for others. This is shown by using constraint and monitoring what we say. 🙊

As Christians, we should be complimented on our patience and our words.

Keeping the thinking going...

Think of someone who needs your encouragement and words of affirmation this week. Speak to them and recognise their good qualities and their accomplishments.

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